UPDATED AS OF: 7/23/2021                                                                                                                                                                      HIGHLIGHTEN NAME CHAIRPERSON & COCHAIRPERSON

ADVISORY Shall advise the Executive Board on legal affairs of the association. Hannigan Law Firm PLLC, Terrance & Tim Hannigan

2% TAX COMMITTEE – Keeps us updated on the latest rules and regulations that affect foreign fire tax and provide date and times of upcoming seminars. Ken Czupryna, Tom Rothdiener, Mike Smith

AUXILIARY LIAISONShall report on happenings of the CNYFA Ladies Auxiliary and other Auxiliary’s.  Nancy McMaster, MaryJo Oakes

BUDGET AND FINANCE – Examine diligently the report and records of the Secretary and Treasurer and report their findings in writing at the Annual meeting. Mike Caron, Kevin Foster, Ken Holmes Sr., John Montrose

CHAPLAIN – Shall give aid, comfort and help to association members and their families, conduct funeral details as needed and a yearly memorial service at the annual meeting. Rev. Elliott Oakes, Rev. Barrie Lyn Foster, Mary Jo Oakes, Charlie Skinner, Rev Floyd Duger

CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS – Keeps a current set of by-laws and the constitution of this Association, including all written notes and previous information of previous by-laws committees. It shall review any proposed changes and report their recommendation to the body at a meeting. Rebecca Franklin-Guild, Kevin Foster, Charlie Skinner, Elliott Oakes, Tom Rothdiener,

CONVENTIONShall review sites for the annual meeting of the association as received from fire associations or companies and to offer aid and assistance in coordination of programs, parade, tournaments, etc. Tom Rothdiener, Ken Czupryna, Jeff Martin, Larry Rieben, Ken Holmes Sr, Linda Rothdiener, Nancy McMaster

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES – Keeps us updated on the latest rules and regulations that affect their Emergency Medical Services. Tom DwyerDavid Simmons

EXPLORER/JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER Shall assisted Fire Department Explorer and Junior Firefighter programs and will ensure that yearly award applications are available in a timely manner and awards are presented, as needed. Jeff Geer, Steve Kay, Robert Kurtz

FASNY MAGAZINE –  Shall submit and write the Central Sectional write up for the FASNY Maganize.  Gordy Kotars, Tom Rothdiener

FIRE POLICE - Shall report on the activities, meetings and other information concerning the Fire Police and State Fire Police Association. Richard Duerr, Bill Harris, Bob Beamish, Art Gage, Jeff Martin

FIRE PREVENTION – Fire Prevention Committee shall put on programs from time to time in order to advance the programs of fire prevention to the general public, shall arrange for fire prevention programs through various schools and other organizations and shall do all things necessary to foster the program of fire prevention. Dave Spencer, Irene Spencer, Kevin Foster, Rick Nemier, Marty Pine

FIREFIGHTER & CITIZEN OF THE YEARShall ensure that yearly award applications are available in a timely manner and awards are presented, as needed. Rick Waite, Gordon Kotars, Tom Rothdiener, Jeff Martin, Ken Holmes Sr.

JOURNALISM AWARDShall award the James W. Wright Fire Service Journalism Award at the annual meeting. Gordy Kotars,  Dave Spencer,  Pat Gavin

JUDGES & PARADE RULES – Shall judge the marching units in parades using the association rules and meet to discuss and formulate any rule change suggestions.  Elaine Montrose, Carol Bell, Dave Spencer, Irene Spencer, Maryann Ouimette

LEGISLATIVE There shall be a Legislative Committee consisting of one person as a member thereof from each county in the Association, and a chairman and vice-chairman, the latter two to be appointed by the President.

Chairman – Doug VanEtten, Vice Chairman – Brian McQueen. Broome County – None, Cayuga County – Kevin Foster, Chemung County – Michael Smith, Chenango County – None, Cortland County – Jim LeFever, Delaware County – Robert Lang, Herkimer County – David Spencer, Madison County – Derek Sinsel, Oneida County – Brian McQueen, Onondaga County – Floyd Duger, Ontario County – None, Otsego County – None, Schoharie County - None, Schuyler County - Rebecca Franklin-Guild, Seneca County – None, Steuben County – Janet Marie Skinner,  Tioga County – Joseph Ward, Tompkins County – Lyman Baker, Wayne County – None, Yates County - None

MEMBERSHIPShall report the membership of the Association, to keep accurate records of companies or departments that have paid or are in arrears for dues. Pat Gavin, Maryann Ouimette, Linda Rothdiener, All County Directors

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS -  Mary Hitchcock-Kitchen

NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS - Shall report their nominations for office and hold the elections at the annual meeting. Rebecca Franklin-Guild, Ken Holmes Sr.

OLD TIMERS/NEW COMERSShall ensure yearly awards are prepare and presented at the annual meeting. Ken Holmes Sr., Ken Czupryna, Tom Rothdiener 

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Shall report of special events for VIP’s within counties, central and FASNY, along with any hospitality events. Larry Rieben,  Art Gage, Linda Rothdiener, Mary Hitchcock-Kitchen, Tom Dwyer

SOCIAL MEDIA/WEBSITE - This committee is the official advertising and public relations service for the association.  All official communications from the association, as authorized by the body, to any and all media, government, public, and private persons are coordinated through this committee to assure a consistent and appropriate response and message. Tom Rothdiener, Rebecca Franklin-Guild, Jeff Martin, Gordy Kotars

RAY SHERBURNE - JOHN HALEY LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO THE VOLUNTEER FIRE SERVICE AWARD -  The Past Five Senior Presidents of the Association awards this to a deserving individual who has contributed in an outstanding way over many years of service to the fire community.  James Daley, William VanShufflin, Robert Lang, David Jacobowitz, 

RESOLUTIONS- Shall ensure any resolution is prepared and presented at the annual meeting. Jeff Geer, Dave Blair, Kevin Foster

SCHOLARSHIP - Shall ensure that yearly award applications are available in a timely manner and awards are presented, as needed. Jeff Martin, Dave Spencer, Irene Spencer, Rebecca Franklin-Guild, Brian McQueen

STEERING Shall screen candidates for various officers in the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, and shall make recommendations as to the candidates to the Association. Fred Griffiths, Brian McQueen, Dave Spencer, Mike Caron, John Montrose,  Ken Holmes Sr. Rick Nemier

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Tom Rothdiener, Linda Rothdiener, Kevin Foster, Jeff Martin, Maryann Ouimette, Paul Rieben, Brian McQueen, Mary Hitchcock-Kitchen, Dave Glenn, Rick Waite.  Advisor - VFIS Tim Boel

TOURNAMENTS - Shall coordinate any sporting event, to include firematics, golf tournament, horseshoes tournament or other events. Wayne Sherwood, Pat Gavin, Larry Rieben, Paul Rieben, Becky Rieben, Marlena Rieben, Katie Rieben, Jim Whittaker, Brian McQueen, Tom Rothdiener, Billy Rosenhagen,

WAYS & MEANS - Shall develop means for the Association to being in funds to support the Associations programs. This shall include but not limited to raffles. Jeff Geer,  Martin Pine, Linda Rothdiener, Jeff Martin, Floyd Duger





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