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VFIS Clients/Customers,

     Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we continue to stay busy in the last 10 months of VFIS Training and Conferences in NY we have conducted over 70 in-person classes Jan thru Oct and more are schedule and in planning for the rest of 2022. October was a busy month with 11 classes conducted with 147 attendees from 55 agencies with November and December having 4 classes scheduled with a couple more waiting confirmation which I will keep you posted on them when confirmed. Open classes are posted on the VFIS website VFIS.com on our training calendar if you would like to host a class please contact me and we can work to schedule a class to meet your needs and those of your neighboring agencies in your area. Attached is a copy of our Training Resource Catalog, information on our on-line training VFIS University including a Course Catalog a flyer for our Responder help program and more, if you have any questions let me know.  

                                                                                            VIRTUAL TRAINING

  Virtual/Webinar training classes planned and scheduled for 2022 can be found on the VFIS.com website go to the Training Calendar tab to find all upcoming training.

                                                                                        CLASSROOM TRAINING

   We have a few classes for 2022 see the attached flyers and are busy planning and scheduling for 2023 classes, we have a few classes that are already filled to capacity and are not posted. We are seeing a number of requests coming in for TIPS training from agencies that have Liquor Liability with Banquet Halls and events where alcohol is served, if you have questions on TIPS please let me know. Classes that consist of outdoor segments are normally conducted March 1st through mid-November annually in the Northeast simply due to the fact weather is unpredictable. The attached Training Resource Guide outlines many of the training classes we offer, VFIS clients/customers that would like to host a class in your region please contact me at tboel@vfis.com.

                                                                   ON-LINE TRAINIG ON VFIS UNIVERSITY (VFISU)

  VFISU usage in NYS continues to lead the Nation and we continue to register a number of clients/customers to use VFISU which is available 24/7 365 !!!. VFISU on-line training has over 100 free classes and we will be adding and updating more classes in 2022. Many of the classes we are all looking for like class #401 FASNY OSHA Annual Refresher Training which has just been revised and updated and now available on VFISU and #120 Workplace Violence issues for Fire & EMS Personnel which are annual requirements in NYS are available on VFISU.. There has been a VFISU class update VFISU class 405 Sexual Harassment NY has been replaced with VFISU class 106 which not only meets the NYS standard but also Sexual Harassment training guidelines in other states. Those clients and customers that have not already mass uploaded your personnel to access and use VFISU all you need to do is contact VFIS client services at csapps@glatfelters.com and they will walk you through what you need to do it’s very easy they will need the name and a valid email address for each person you want to use VFISU. If anyone has any questions on VFISU usage please email VFIS client services at csapps@glatfelters.com call them at 800-233-1957 or contact me.  

  VFIS has a series of seminars and conferences we take part in annually which gives use the opportunity to present training programs and to meet with many clients and customers to answer questions that they have and help them to meet their needs. We look forward to the seminars and conferences coming up in 2023 and look forward to seeing many of you at other events we take part in throughout the year and we will keep you posted as events we will be at come up.

                                                                                  RISK AND TRAINIG TOOLS

  Just a reminder of our link to Risk and Training tools RiskTools.VFIS.com. to streamline access to tools such as VFISU/Responder Help/VFIS Safety Central and HR Help to help clients/customers having one button access to tools. These are all great tools to use and Responderhelp.com is a great resource you may be looking for to answer every day questions and administrative or operational needs. Another tool that has become very popular is our Don’t Risk It Podcast series which can be found on the VFIS.com web site which you should take a look at, it’s a series of brief and very informative training topics and segments. We are looking forward to the release of our new (LMS) Learning Management System and will keep you updated as it progresses.

  This monthly training update is published to keep everyone informed on training tools and updated as classes are scheduled many of you have asked for 2 month of info on upcoming training and we will provide that to give you time to be aware of training and register to attend. In addition to my training email your agency may also receive this information from other VFIS representatives or agents we want to ensure everyone is aware of VFIS Training Resources to use and classes that are available for you to attend.

Stay Safe  

Tim Boel



Tim Boel | Education Specialist


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